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Our Mission

At Emolly Fashion we believe in creating memories full of joy, laughter and love! An Emolly onesie will bring an instant smile to you, your friends and loved ones. Crafted with love and care kids, teens and adults love snuggling into a cute animal onesie to lounge at home, wear as pajamas, or go to a costume party! Instantly transform into your favorite Unicorn, Kangaroo, Panda or other favorite animal and create an unforgettable experience each time.

At Emolly Fashion we also believe that our onesies are not just for humans, but also for the animals, because every time you purchase an Emolly onesie, we donate 5% of sales to the San Diego Global Wildlife Conservation efforts.

San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservations works with local communities in Africa to relocate elephants into safer habitats, provide anti-poaching patrols, and hand-raise orphaned elephant babies until they can be released under our watchful eye. Together, we can turn things around "onesie" at a time.

With over 20 styles of animal onesies in kids and adult sizes made from the most comfortable polar fleece materials, we know you will soon fall in love with an Emolly onesie!