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Testimonial from Nicky

November 16, 2016

Great Bamboo sunglasses in a nice storage case. My husband is thrilled to see that these are polarized sunglasses. The spot that opens to pull the glasses out is barley big enough to get the sunglasses out. The case does have a little magnet on it to keep it closed nicely. The glasses fit my husband great. He loves his new bamboo sunglasses. He is very into bamboo anything! The sunglasses are made with great quailty. They fit his face nicely. I did get a discount in exchange for my honest review of these Emolly Bamboo Sunglasses.

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Testimonial from Amy Rodgers

November 17, 2016

[blogsliderbig] [image]gray-sunglass1[/image] [title] Amy Rodgers[/title] [content]These are so cute and functional. I wore them today and got compliment after compliment! The case is lightweight and fit comfortably in my purse. It has a magnetic opening and opens like a reed mat, and is lined with felt to keep the glasses safe. The sunglasses themselves are sturdy, well made, super comfortable and even when I sweat it wiped right off didn't saturate the sunglasses (I wore them outside for hours). They are versatile and go with anything you are wearing which makes them a definite plus! I love my new shades and can't wait to wear them all the time.[/content] [/blogsliderbig]

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Testimonial from Philyaw

November 16, 2016

[blogsliderbig][image] [/image] [title]philyaw[/title] [content]These are great bamboo sunshades! I had previously purchased a pair of wooden sunshades that I love and my son tried to take them away from me. I actually ordered these as gift for him, so he would leave mine alone. Maybe I should have given him my pair and taken these! These have a nice dark lens that are scratch resistant and the frame is made from real bamboo. The frame is a beautiful light wood grain. These sunglasses fit his face well and really stay in place while he is active outdoors.[/content] [/blogsliderbig]

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