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The Best Mens Watches of 2017

Posted by Liran Hirschkorn on

If you’re looking for the next trend in mens watches for 2017, look no more! This is the definitive Top 4 List to survive this year in fashion!


Each season brings with it new trends in fashion. And mens watches are no strangers to these ongoing changes. Year after year we see slight shape and material changes to the wrist’s best friend. 

If you’re trying to keep up with the ever-changing waves of fashion, take a look at this article as we unfold the latest mens watches trends of 2017. 



Timeless and never going out of fashion. If you need to dress in a suit or smart casual, you’ll want to have a dress watch. You’ll recognise dress watches thanks to their specific style. 

Mens watches in this category usually have a leather band, a sophisticated thin case made of metal, and a simple but elegant style. 

Mens Watches - Dress Watch

Daniel Wellington Men's 0107DW Classic Sheffield Watch



This new trend is hitting strong in the fashion world. Wood is something that does not only shows a respect to the environment, but looks elegant and gives the feeling of something strong and durable. 

Mens watches in this category are usually made using beautifully natural woods or bamboo, with intricate designs using different wood colours or types. Perfect for a more casual and trendy look.

Mens Watches - Wood Watch

Emolly's Mens Red Sandalwood and Ebony Chronograph Watch - Get Yours Here



Fitness is back into the modern lifestyle and so are mens watches adapted for it. A sports watch will be your best friend during any sort of fitness related activity. From light walking down the block to a professional triathlon.  

Mens watches in this category usually have strong resistible materials, including submersible features and anti-scratch coatings. The style can be as fashionable and adaptable as the person wearing it. From an Apple Watch Nike+ edition to a military-look of the G-Shock GG1000 Mudmaster (image below).

Mens Watches - Sports Watch



Its rugged and metal look will show off your strength even when wearing a suit. It’s a must for any active man. 

Mens watches in this category are usually made of stainless-steel, are generically larger than other watches, and have a metal bracelet. They look great not only for casual events but also with elegant business suits. 

Mens Watches - Dive Watch

Filson's 'The Mackinaw Field' Bracelet Watch

No matter your style, these 4 types of mens watches are a must for 2017. So grab yours now and be ready for the upcoming summer trends! 

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