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Summer Trends: How to Mix-and-Match your Accessories!

June 05, 2017

If you're like us, you have a drawer full of accessories dating back several years. And the good news is that old is trendy! Today we bring you the latest summer trends for this year. 

During the past few years, we've seen summer trends that mixed new accessories with old-fashioned ones. The bohemian trend is still among us, but there are some new ones as well. If you're planning to head out to mid-summer parties and get a golden tan, you need to dress accordingly! That means, using your almost forgotten bracelets together with your new watches or sunglasses. So let us give you some advice on the best summer trend mix-and-match!


  1. Bohemian summer trends

Bohemian is still among us and doesn’t seem to leave in the foreseeable fashion future!

This style includes light but maxi-skirts or a printed maxi-dress, tunic T-shirt and blouses, and either sandals or ankle boots.

Summer trends like this are perfect to stay cool on hot summer days but still look trendy and chic. 


In terms of accessories, you have four main ones to pick from and mix together:

  • 1x Headpiece: Either a Floppy straw hat or a flower headband.
  • 6x Pieces of Chunky and Earthy Jewellery: Choose several Bracelets, a Wooden Watch, a Necklace**, and Feather earrings. ** If you don't like necklaces, get a nice colourful scarf instead!
  • 1x Boho-Chic Handbag: Faux leather or fabric are your friends here.
  • 1x Pair of oversized wooden Sunglasses.


  1. Super-bright summer trends

Colours are back, and with a vengeance! Gone are the day of pastels, everything is full on colour mode now! Stick to your bright yellows, blues, pink, and greens. Nothing is out of sight for these new summer trends. Forget prints and flowers; it’s plain bright colours now!


In terms of accessories, start breaking all the rules!

  • Sunglasses are now accepted indoors, so grab your favourite pair of colourful sunglasses asap!
  • Go for big bracelets and small earrings.
  • Be smart and use your jewellery or handbag to complement the colours of your clothes!


  1. Back to the 80’s summer trends

Vinyl is a thing again! If you’ve been around for 35-40 years, you may still have some of these items in your wardrobe. Well, now it’s time to revive your summer trends from back in the day!

Polka-dots, vinyl, big shoulder pads, metallic fabrics, and high-wasted pants! Nothing is wrong when it comes to the 80’s summer trends.


In terms of accessories, go big or go home!

  • Make your earrings and necklaces as big as it comes.
  • Use oversized or aviator wood sunglasses, possibly with coloured lenses!
  • Level up in your watch game, add some nice bangles to fit with your wooden watch
  • Your handbag should have animal print (faux-leather) or metallic colours.


Are you ready now for the upcoming summer trends?

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