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How to Find the Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Posted by Liran Hirschkorn on

Being trendy and looking nice have one thing in common: you need to know what suits you! So we’ll help you figure out the best sunglasses for your face shape!

Summer is around the corner, and you will definitely be wearing some trendy eyewear. But it will only be in your favour if you choose the correct style. We all want to look cool in aviators sunglasses, but not all of us may look good in them. It can be really hard to find the best sunglasses for your face shape without knowing the basics. But worry not, we’re here to help you step by step!

The first thing about finding the best sunglasses for your face shape….is knowing your face shape! We know, that sounds easy, but most of us will find themselves in between two types of shapes. So let’s check this out together, shall we?



There are 5 main types of face shapes. You will most likely find yourself in one of them, or a mix of two. There are many other types (diamond, heart, pear, inverted triangle) but that’s for our next chapter! 


Round Face

Your face is wider than longer and has a round jawline. Your face is mostly composed by curved lines and you do not have too many angles. The best sunglasses for your face shape are those with a more angular design to contrast the curves. 

Round Face


Oval Face

Your face is slightly longer than wider and has a round jawline. You have even features and your face is gently rounded. The best sunglasses for your face shape are regular sized (stay away from huge frames) and mostly any type will suit you. Oval face shape is the best one for any eyewear. 

Oval Face

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Oblong Face

Your face is way longer than wider and your jawline is round. This shape is longer than the oval face. The best sunglasses for this face shape are big and with low bridge. 

Oblong Face

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Square Face

Your face has pretty much the same length and width. One of the highlights of this face shape is a squared jawline with a wide hairline. The best sunglasses for your face shape are more curved and round to contrast the angles of your face. 

Square Face

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Rectangular Face

Similar to the Oblong face but with more angled features, the rectangular face has a squared jawline and a wide hairline. The best sunglasses for your face shape are oversize and deep lensed ones. 

Rectangular Face

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In the previous section, you got a little idea of the best sunglasses for your face shape. Now, we’ll get more into detail to better understand the perfect match. 


If your face is…. ROUND

Go for rectangular, squared, or wayfarer glasses. Try to mix it up with the colours as they will highlight the beautiful features of your face shape.

Our suggestion: Square Frame Sunglasses with Bamboo Wood Arms


If your face is… OVAL

Go for… anything you like really! Your face shape allows you to select anything that you like. 

Our suggestion: Skateboard - Black with Green side details and Reflective Green Polarized Lenses



If your face is….OBLONG

Go for big aviator or rounded types of glasses, they will look amazing on you!

Our suggestion: Brazil Rosewood Aviator Sunglasses with Dark Grey Polarized Lenses


If your face is….SQUARE

Go for rounder glasses, to contrast the strong angles of your face. In terms of size, try not to overdo it with big lenses. 

Our suggestion: Deep Red Retro Round Bamboo Wood Sunglasses with Dark Polarized Lenses


If your face is….RECTANGULAR

As mentioned above, rectangular and oblong have similar features. So you also have similar preferences in terms of the best sunglasses for your face shape. Go for big frames and designs.

Our suggestion: Aviator Sunglasses with Metal Frames and Bamboo Wood Arms


See you next time with the remaining 4 face shapes. Drop us a message if you need help finding the best sunglasses for your face shape!

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